• Geo-metrics service
  • Topomap creation
  • Detailed topo map using Aerial Imagery on Stereo pair for Urban / Rural Development.
  • Digital Photogrammetric Mapping
    • Red networks offers digital photogrammetric mapping, data compilation and GIS data integration to satisfy client requirements. We accurately and cost effectively compile, edit, and deliver high accuracy planimetric and topographic data. Our QC process meets or exceeds the accuracy standards of the following geospatial organizations.

      • National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS)
      • American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS)
      • National Standard for Spatial Data Accuracy (NSSDA)

      REDNETWORKS providing topographic mapping and associated digital terrain modeling through the photogrammetric process is an efficient process that allows projects to be ready for design in a timely fashion. The products provided by this division include

      • Aero Triangulation
      • High accuracy Topographic Map
      • Digital Terrain Modeling
      • Digital Surface Modeling
      • 3D Buildings
      • DTM
      • Contour Generation.

Image processing

Digital Ortho Photo Process .

Orthophotography is an essential base map layer for a geographic information system. We at REDNETWORKS generate a digital Orthophoto that most closely achieves the resolution of the continuous tone, original aerial image, we apply a variety of image enhancement and edge sharpening routines using special Image Processing techniques.

Orthophoto is very important for properly locating features on the ground, and for overlaying or creating other accurate data in a GIS system. Digital orthophoto provides all of the visual content of a photograph while being as accurate as a map for measurements. These qualities allow for accurate,

  • Distance measurements
  • Area calculations
  • Determination of feature shape
  • Direction calculations
  • Determination of coordinates at a given location

Rednetworks team of image experts uses the latest in hardware and software to produce the most advanced color digital orthoimagery in the industry. We have delivered thousands of black and white, color and color infrared orthophotos supported by most major CADD systems, in a variety of image formats including but not limited to:

  • TIFF with World Files
  • JPEG
  • MrSID

LIDAR process ALS / MLS

We deliver all aspects of Aerial LiDAR processing such as point cloud calibration, classification and colorization to vectorisation or 3D modeling. We assure to meet project specifications by using automated processes, extensive edit and quality control.

  • Classification
  • Power line
  • Feature Collection
  • Contour Generation

LiDAR : MLS (Mobile Laser Scanning)

We offer full processing support to mobile mapping application, by leveraging our extensive experience and efficient methodologies.

Mobile laser scanning is used in projects where big areas (or long corridors) should be covered on the ground and data is to be acquired about the road or its environment. The scanner (or scanners) is mounted on a mobile platform, a passenger car or truck. Mobile laser scanning equipment usually composed of regular terrestrial laser scanners, GNSS/INS positioning/navigation system, optical sensor(s), and the mobile platform.

3D Modeling


REDNETWORKS is highly devoted to provide an excellent quality 3D Modeling Service to our valuable clients. This service is carried out by our skilled professionals using the latest techniques, in which they prepare structure models of various buildings and parks of the cities. The provided service is performed as per the variegated demands of our precious clients. Before executing this service, our experts check all the parameters and prepare the model in the best manner. Moreover, clients can avail this service from us at the competitive price.


Our GIS/Mapping Competencies and Services .

Rednetworks provides a wide range of geospatial solutions to meet our client's needs. We provide services ranging from data development and data conversion, to the development of accurate land base data for geographic information systems (GIS) implementation, spatial analysis and custom applications. We consult with our clients in order to assist with their GIS needs, GIS implementation design and development, and future goals.

Rednetworks provide following GIS service

  • Data Conversion / Migration
  • GIS Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • Alignment Sheets
  • Data Maintenance and Management
  • Data Hosting
  • Mobile GIS Implementation
  • Technical Support / Training


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